The Dudes Club, or to give it its official French title – D’Azur Dudes, has been created for certified (passport holding) American guys on the Riviera. That’s it in a nutshell. However, there is more!

On the face of it anyone thinking about it would say ‘Hey, you are in France. Integrate. Get used to it. And what about dudettes?’ which would be fair comment. It isn’t like that at all. It is a very inclusive group. In addition, and before getting into the detail, the originators, Bob Jeffers, Pat Hampton & Ash McInerney, are all fluent French speakers and, what is more, they adore living in France, especially the paradise that is the Riviera.

Dudes at game

D'Azur Dudes

What does the group do? Good question. The base idea was to create events so that Americans can get together and talk about home: everyone and every nationality wants to talk about home and where they came from. It connects people with the sports that they enjoy such as golf, bowling and football. It keeps people engaged with their memories and lets them reminisce about their previous lives in the US.

Without question it is a social organisation with lunches and various evenings, bowling and a Thai night for instance, being organised for members. No matter how long you have been in a country, however much you are in the fabric of life here, there are times that just talking with like minded individuals is so rewarding. Recent events have attracted in excess of 40 people!

D'Azur Dudes

D'Azur Dudes

And, and this this important, not all events are Dudes only. So Dudettes and others that Dudes know will be invited!

To show how much the D’Azur Dudes is into French culture, it is an association in its own right. You cannot be more French than having an association.

More information can be had by emailing Bob Jeffers, the Dudes president.

another grey line

All photos courtesy D’Azur Dudes

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