What better way to enjoy the works of some of the finest local artists than a vernissage at the ultra sumptous Salon Bellevue in Monaco.

I recently experienced a taster of the awesome hospitality coming up with the advent of the Monaco Grand Prix season at the gorgeous Salon Bellevue. In these gracious surroundings Olga Barrale, Renata Lucca and Vanessa Brunner created a showcase vernissage for some excellent artistic talent.

Mark Dickens (pictured above) is the one best known to F1 people as he was commissioned to follow the GP season by Bernie Ecclestone himself, creating his unique photo montage type artwork for each of them. These were then presented to each of the tracks as a momento of the event – very cool. One of his main works shows Princess Charlotte and Jensen Button on the podium. His work will be at the Princess Grace Dance Academy in Monte Carlo from Saturday 23 May, go on by and say hello, nice guy.

Giselle Sohm sculptress

Amongst the other exceptionally talented artists there was sculptress Giselle Sohm. Her lovely rounded rolling shaped pieces – very easy on the eye. The works caught the eye of many visitors who were eager to talk to her – I had to be patient and wait my turn to speak to her – it was worth the wait – a lovely, engaging lady

Thomas Modschiedler the painter was there with his number one fan, his wife. His paintings drew a lot of attention for their obvious technical skill and and of course the colours. Charming happy people – Thomas’s art reflects his interesting, warm personality.

Thomas Modschiedler artist

Thomas Modschiedler's wife

Doreen Kaiser sculptress

Last, but far from least, was the enchanting sculptress Doreen Kaiser. Her work is novel, very colourful and imaginative. The two works that took my eye, and those of many others, were the paintbrushes and the shoes. The latter being so interesting with the lock joining the shoes, the key tantalisingly there on the side. Lovely, evocative work.

Not part of the exhibition artwork, but the artwork that is Casino Square, was the view of Casino Square from Salon Bellevue. Simply stunning. If ever you get an invitation to go, then go – and, by the way, remember who told you – I will make sure I am free.

All photos © Mike Colquhoun




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