Meet two strong-willed and commited women, the real driving force behind the local charitable organisation, Pink Ribbon Monaco.

On Sunday, the 17th of March, Pink Ribbon Monaco will be holding their second annual walk in the Principality to help raise awareness about breast cancer. To know more about this event and get to know this great association better, we met with its two founders, Natasha Frost and Julia Sperl-Kaukonen (both pictured below).

Hello ladies, first, can you tell us a little more about Pink Ribbon Monaco. When was the association created?

We founded the association in the Spring 2011 and had our first events in the Fall 2011. Even though Pink Ribbon is a worldwide campaign, Pink Ribbon Monaco is an independent charity that focuses its actions on the region and the Principality. We want to educate people on the importance of early detection and the necessity to create an environment where women who have found a lump in their breast do not have to wait too long to have a biopsy or receive a treatment. In that particular case, fast medical response is as important as early detection.

What have been the association’s major achievements so far and what are your objectives for the near future?

We have definitely achieved a sense of awareness for breast cancer in Monaco. More women go for scans and are being educated about self-examination. The Breast Cancer Walk in Spring is now an annual event on the Monegasque calendar. We have also donated some of the money we have been able to raise to the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace (CHPG) for their new breast cancer scan center, which is currently under construction, and will hopefully open later this year.

Natasha Frost and Julia Sperl-Kaukonen of Pink Ribbon Monaco

The next big event organized by Pink Ribbon Monaco is the Pink Ribbon Walk on the 17th of March. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

The Walk is all about raising awareness and show support for patients dealing with the disease. But it is also a ‘fun’ and family event that brings people together for a day of (mild) sports activity and celebration of life & health. Another important purpose is of course to raise some money as well. To register online, please go to the Monaco Run website.

What will be next on the agenda for Pink Ribbon Monaco?

The walk is the biggest annual event which we organize as an association. In October, for the global Breast Cancer Awareness month, we also have an annual fundraising event that includes illuminating the Casino and other Monaco landmark buildings in pink. It’s a visually beautiful gesture that has been proven popular in other big cities worldwide as well. We are proud that Monaco is part of this important movement now. In December we also organize a Christmas tombola with exclusive and extraordinary prizes, that are sponsored by Monaco’s local commercial community. The money raised from ticket sales goes toward supporting the new breast cancer scan center at Monaco’s CHPG.

How can people get involved and support your work? Can they find online information about Pink Ribbon Monaco?

We have a rather active presence on Facebook (do ‘Like’ our page!), and and also a basic information website.


Any final message for our readers?

Check your breasts regularly.and remind your family and loved ones to do the same! Science and medicine have improved well over the years and there are increased chances of complete cure, but raising awareness for screenings and support for early detection is what we are here for.

Thank you ladies for your time and good luck with the walk! As for you, dear readers, you now know what you can do to help the fight against breast cancer: on Sunday, the 17th of March, grab your comfy walking shoes and come join hundreds of other people wearing pink to help raise awareness about the disease and celebrate life!

All images courtesy Pink Ribbon Monaco; lead image © Sharkprod, internal shot © FDPC Events



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