The top chef marks the 25th anniversary of his three-star restaurant, the Louis XV in Monaco, with a three day party attended by 240 colleagues. 

This is a celebration that will be hard to forget, with many of the biggest names from the culinary world (representing 28 countries and collectively holding some 300 Michelin stars), descending on Monaco from 16th – 18th November, to join with M. Ducasse on this memorable occasion, marking the quarter century anniversary of Le Louis XV restaurant.

Amongst them, his longtime rival Joël Robuchon, Guy Savoy, owner of two eponymous restaurants in Paris and Las Vegas, Pierre Troisgros, best known for his restaurant “Les Frères Troisgros”, Frédéric Anton of “Pré Catelan” and pastry chef Pierre Hermé, who made up the French contingent, while Dong Zhenxiang of China, Hirohisa Koyama of Japan and Rene Redzepi of Denmark, whose restaurant “Noma was once again voted the best restaurant in the world in 2012, were just some of the international stars who answered the invitation.

Alain Ducasse and his fellow chefs celebrate 25 years of Le Louis VX in Monaco
Now a Monegasque citizen, the 56-year old Ducasse has been dubbed the “godfather” of French cuisine. He holds no less than 21 Michelin stars, and for many years now, he has been a champion of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

This weekend of lavish receptions was marked by two exceptional events: a ‘pop-up’ Mediterranean market held on Saturday in the Sporting Monte Carlo complex featuring local producers. During a live cooking session attended by Prince Albert and his wife, Charlene, 10 of the invited chefs reinterpreted a dish of their choice.

The other highlight was a gala dinner for over 400 people. On the menu: vegetables, fish and game from the region, accompanied by an extraordinary selection of spirits and wines.

For Ducasse, “thanks to authentic growers, breeders, farmers, butchers, fishermen and mushroom gatherers, we [on the Riviera] have the rare privilege to have at hand the best produce, that we treat with the utmost respect.”

And last weekend, for three glorious days, the Principality was definitively the gastronomic capital of the world!

Le Louis XV
Place du Casino
MC 98000 Monaco


Image of M. Ducasse and fellow chefs courtesy Alain Ducasse Facebook page

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