Everyone’s favourite cookie and cupcake shops in Nice, Emilie’s Cookies, is expanding its empire with a new outlet coming this December in Monaco.

Excitement is building in the Fontvielle and La Condamine districts of Monaco with the upcoming openings of the Starbucks and Apple stores in the Jardins d’Apolline, right by the new Lycée technique.

But if those two symbols of American imperialism are grabbing all the attention at the moment, some may have noticed a little sign indicating that, in the exact same location, another franchise will also soon be branching out in the Principality, this one 100% niçoise, Emilie’s Cookies.

Set up by Emilie and Céline, two young women who wanted to recreate in France the type of coffee shops they liked so much in New York, the little brand has been churning out cookies since 2007 in two different locations around Nice.

Emilie's Cookies is an institution in Nice

First on rue Alberti, where it soon became a favorite place to hang out for students at the nearby Lycée Massena between and after classes, followed by the premises on rue de la Préfecture in the old town where tourists and locals mix in perfect harmony.

Even though cookies are clearly the stars at Emilie’s Cookies, most other American pastries, such as cupcakes, muffins and cheesecakes can also be found on the menu, and the icing on the cake, they are all homemade with fresh ingredients right in front of your eyes. Savory dishes, mainly bagels, quiches and salads, are also available, as well as a great selection of smoothies, milkshakes, teas and even Nutella hot chocolates.

You can of course just grab your food and go, but Emilie’s Cookies is first and foremost a convivial and nicely decorated place, where customers can lounge on sofas, read the newspaper, surf on the internet, or simply hang out with friends while nibbling on food.

Emilie's Cookies coming to Monaco

Over the years, the two locations have become something of an institution in Nice, and now that the brand is going head to head with an American giant in Monaco, it will be interesting to witness which one will win this cookie war, or whether there is enough room in one tiny neighborhood for two very different coffee shops.

Our thoughts? Watch out, Howard Schultz!


Emilie’s Cookies
9, rue Alberti
06000 Nice

Tel: 04 93 13 89 58

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Emilie’s Cookies
1, rue de la Préfecture
06300 Nice

Tel: 04 93 79 88 40

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Emilie’s Cookies
Promenade Honoré II
Les Jardins d’Apolline
98000 Monaco

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Lead image courtesy Emilie’s Cookies




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