The luxury gothic fashion designer Manuela Biocca presents her new collection “Résonance” in collaboration with Alchemy Gothic.

“Résonance” brought to us by Manuela Biocca is a dark collection with a predominance of black, enhanced with touches of light provided by Alchemy Gothic jewelry and accessories.

It is part of the steampunk, dandy, military and romantic worlds. The collection comprises 14 designs using a variety of materials including silk, satin, leather and lace. Its asymmetrical shapes and texturural effects make this collection a mysterious, modern and elegant one.

Résonance collection by Manuela Biocca

Each project sees Manuela continually explore new avenues and delve into new realms of artistic research, experimenting with new techniques and concepts. Her collections are completely handcrafted and through the use of traditional tools, the results are always guaranteed to be something exceptional!

Alternative English jewelry and accessories brand Alchemy Gothic is the worldwide leader in its field. Started in Leicester in 1977, the firm creates handmade pewter designs and semi-precious metals adorned with Swarovski Elements crystals.

More from the Résonance collection by Manuela Biocca

Experience the charming, mysterious, feminine and always unconventional world of Manuela Biocca with Résonance!

Photographer : Sylvain Renault
Model : Céline Naulet
Makeup-Hair: Fabienne Giombini Ceccagnoli
Stylist : Manuela Biocca


thin blue line

All photos courtesy Manuela Biocca, © Sylvain Renault


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