Listen up y’all, the sound of the Lone Star State is coming to the French Riviera real soon in the form of Texas Martha and the House of TWANG!

Genuine, I mean gen-u-ine, Texas rhythm and blues with Martha’s honky tonk drawl, and the TWANG boys, which includes a steel guitar (yipee – love those tones) together with really great original numbers by Martha herself – that gal can write and sing real fine! Don’t take my word for it, check out Texas Martha & the House of Twang sounds on their Reverbnation page.

The rumour mill is alive and buzzing. Will they appear first at the B-Spot?? Will they appear at Wayne’s Bar?? Whichever venue gets her dulcet tones singing out will draw crowds, that is for sure!

When was the last time you saw Paris, Texas? Saw, sorry, I meant listened to Ry Cooder’s haunting melodies … how about that legend Willie Nelson? If not, do you live in a bucket?

Here is some blurb about Martha & her bandCousin to American Country Music Legend Loretta Lynn (yeah, like wow), gifted Texan singer/songwriter 
Martha Fields and her group, “The House of Twang” will be releasing some of their own songs on “Certificate Aix” Record label. 

The band also features Provençal (Good Old Boy France Style) music makers David Certano on pedal steel and guitar, Jason Brun on double bass and Briton Ian Davies on drums. They have been all over this dang planet doing hundreds of concerts and studio sessions in the USA, Britain and Europe – this includes working with Eurythmic Dave Stewart and sharing a stage with Ricky Skaggs, Merle Travis and Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones).

Martha and Her House of TWANG!So right here, right now … hey that gives me an idea for a song … in the Deep, Deep South of … uh … France, we need to have some tumbleweed planted into our souls. Martha is holed up in the Wild West of Aix-en-Provence right now, so we hope she will strut her fine stuff in our saloons real soon!!


All photos courtesy Texas Martha and the House of Twang and © Nicolas Delpierre


7 Responses

  1. Ian Davies

    Hi Mike,
    Just to say a big thanks for your excellent review regarding Marty and the group – really appreciated.
    No doubt we’ll meet up soon once we’ve confirmed the dates at Wayne’s Bar, The B Spot and elsewhere – it’ll be great to meet you,
    Cheers Ian – drummer with the House of Twang !

  2. Carroll Springer

    I cannot wait to hear them here in Nice! Authentic and fabulous. Wow!!!!


    I’m sorry, I wanted to give 6 stars to this very good article and I clicked on the wrong star! Now I can’t come back!
    Anyway I want to say that TEXAS MARTHA and the House of TWANG is such a fantastic band, they are going to drive people mad everywhere! I hope to see them soon in Nice and even in San Remo…

  4. Martha Fields

    Texas Martha and the House of Twang will be playing the B Spot for the 4th of July…American Independence Day! Hold on to yer hats!


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