Yachting has always been seen as a luxury. Thanks to Italian startup Antlos, sailing holidays and boat vacations are now more accessible and affordable.

The French Riviera is one of the yachting hubs of the world but yachting itself is only really enjoyed by those who could afford the ‘luxury’. However, Antlos, a startup currently growing in Venice, Italy, looks to change this by introducing the principles of the ‘Sharing Economy’ to the yachting industry.

What is the ‘Sharing Economy’ you ask? If you’ve heard of Airbnb and Uber than no need to ask any more questions! These are all peer-to-peer platforms cutting the middle men out of the equation in order to make their services more affordable to users, whilst at the same time, giving owners a new source of revenue.

Sharing Economy with Antlos

What is Antlos?

Antlos is a peer-to-peer platform enabling travellers and sea lovers to book authentic sailing holidays directly from real Skippers. Captains (boat owners) are able to list their boat holiday listings for free and are not charged commission for any bookings that are made via the website. This is completely unheard of within the yachting industry as charter agencies usually charge commission fees anywhere between 25-50%.

By not charging any commission fees, Skippers are able to lower their prices and offer yachting holidays at competitive prices! Right now on Antlos, you can enjoy anything from day trips along the Grand Canal in Venice, to sailing Regattas in the Caribbean, to island hopping in the Greek Islands, to relaxing on deck in the Balearic Islands of Ibiza in Formentera… Enjoy travelling through crystal clear turquoise waters on an all-inclusive sailing holiday in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean from as little as €50/day per person! That’s basically the same price as a hotel!

Are you a Skipper/Captain/Boat Owner?

As we mentioned earlier, it is absolutely free to upload your listing on antlos.com so why not give it a go? They’re always looking to acquire new listings on the French Riviera, or even all over the world for that matter!

Just wanting to go on holiday?

Discover your next on board experience on antlos.com/betteronboard and explore the exquisite yachting destinations Antlos has to offer. It’s better on board!

Antlos Better on Board!


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