Now there is another new venue to add even more spice to your social life – time to check out The Garden Organic Bar & Club in Nice!

For a city the size of Nice, it certainly has a very vibrant and community minded LGBT nightlife. It’s great to have the choice every weekend of going from nightclub to nightclub in the early hours, checking out all the events happening around town. No wonder Nice and the French Riviera are some of the most popular gay travel destinations in France!

And no wonder then that The Garden Organic Bar & Club in Nice, having only opened last October, is off to a rousing start as well! I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the opening night and the place was packed and continues to be so, weekend after weekend.

Bar staff at The Garden in Nice

The Garden has a dance club/lounge feel to it all, with the main area dominated by a large bar in the center of the club. This means no matter which area of the club you are in, there is enough room for everyone to easily get a reasonably priced drink from one of the very stylish and sexy male or female bar staff members. Even on the busiest of nights, the staff are quick off the mark, giving you great service with a smile.

What is also cool about The Garden is that it doesn’t feel intimidating. If you are straight and going out with other friends there, you are made to feel more than welcome, and the same goes if you are single and out on your own looking to dance.

And The Garden is the best place to meet new people! With part of the club having a lounge type feel, there are many places to grab a seat where you will likely end up conversing with those sitting next to you, or if you have found that special someone, there are more intimately lit areas of the club to cozy up in.

Great sounds in The Garden in Nice

The dance floor at the back, although not huge, still seems big enough to get your moves on and with the variety of DJ’s and mixes being played every weekend, you won’t be able to avoid getting on that floor to show them what you’ve got!

Since the club is still early in the game, The Garden is testing and circulating several different events that might be of interest to the public, such as Sapho Night for the women (and respectable men) to attend. Everything that I have seen so far seems to be a success, and there doesn’t seem to be a problem with switching things up once in a while.

The party gets going every weekend at around midnight and doesn’t end until the sun is practically coming up. The place is filled with beautiful, yet approachable, people, for not only the men, but the women as well.

The Garden in Nice, one of the city's hottest new nightspots!

So what’s stopping you? Go play in The Garden!

The Garden Organic Bar & Club
18, rue du Congrès
06000 Nice

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All images courtesy The Garden



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