How do you fancy starring in a reality tv show based on the French Riviera? Well, here’s your chance to be famous for that 15 minutes!

Award winning British television production company NERD TV, is looking for expats, British or otherwise, who reside on the Côte d’Azur or in Monaco to feature in an upcoming reality television show about life down here.

They are looking for candidates who are aged anywhere from their 20’s up to 60, and who have a great story to tell. If you’re part of a family or house of interesting people, consider yourself a dynamic person and are happy to be on camera, NERD TV wants to hear from you.

Nerd TV production company

To put yourself forward, please send an email to the organisers by 7th October with your personal details, a photograph, and a brief paragraph about yourself.

So, if you live, work or plan to move to Monaco and the surrounding area, get in touch today! Good luck!


NERD TV is a television production company based in London and specialising in documentary and non-scripted entertainment. Borne out of an obsessive development process and strong journalistic mission, their productions are daring, distinctive, deeply engaging, and built to last.


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