Top Marques Monaco promised glitz and glam, and truly delivered on its promise, with one of the best shows in recent memory. Now, roll on 2016!

This was my first visit to this regular event on the Monte-Carlo Glitz Calendar! Being called Top Marques I thought fast sexy cars – nothing wrong with that!. However, is it more, much, more. There is a hall filled with high end luxury jewels, paintings and even some extremely bling furniture not to mention some great sporting gear like a new fangled surfboard! It was enchanting to discover some old off beat Fiats in absolutely showroom new condition.

Top Marques Monaco 2015 at the Grimaldi Forum

Motorbikes at Top Marques Monaco 2015 at the Grimaldi Forum

Model and motorbike at Top Marques Monaco 2015 at the Grimaldi Forum

Of course there is the obligatory hall with all that is best in fast, expensive and often novel motoring. You can up close and personal with the latest BMW which you may wish to compare to the Maclaren next to it – which one to choose? Then there are the motorbikes, some being very drool worthy plus some that hark back to another age – very fast stuff even though they look vintage. Speaking of vintage, there were some classics there together with newly built ‘classics’.

Classic car at Top Marques Monaco 2015 at the Grimaldi Forum

Classic car at the 2015 Top Marques Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum

I was very taken by the fit out of a mini-bus for the more discerning mini-bus person. The large flat screen television, ample electric leather seats together with a bar could actually make this mode of transport a la mode! Get rid of the Roller maybe, need to keep the chauffer as one cannot be seen driving a ‘mini-bus’ – what would the neighbours say!!

Interior of mini-bus at Top Marques Monaco 2015 at the Grimaldi Forum

The star was predictably the car plane (see lead image above). Its wings retract, silly to mention it really, cleverly into the bodywork. It looked like enormous fun. I really need to think about it a bit more, colour choice and other details like the pilot’s licence and, oh yes, the cash. Many people have gone home with the video of the wings in motion – quite a sight.

Plus plus plus there was the opportunity to test drive some of the cars, not the car plane regrettably. And, yes, it does happen as I meet two friends who had booked to test the Tesla. One needs to ‘walk the walk’ or ‘blag the blag’ to achieve a test drive. Failing that you can watch the cars going for a spin around Monte-Carlo.

All in all, it was entertaining, different and will most definitely give you items to put on your dream list!  

Sporty sorts at Top Marques Monaco 2015 at the Grimaldi Forum

Boats also feature at Top Marques Monaco 2015 at the Grimaldi Forum

All images © Mike Colquhoun






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