A new exhibition in the Domaine des Artistes in Antibes and a chance to discover the newest member of the growing artist community in Nice.

Yes, indeed, our very own Mike Colquhoun (pictured above…on the right!) is having four of his paintings and drawings exhibited in Domaine des Artistes, a beautiful villa in Antibes that has been converted into an art gallery by the talented designer Olivier Gossart.

A reconversion for Mike? Not so much! A man of many lives and many talents, he has always loved to draw. And if he never fulfilled his dream of attending Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, to study architecture, he has nonetheless a pretty large portfolio to show for its creativity over the years.

Mike Colquhoun artwork

Mike Colquhoun exhibition at Domaine des Artistes

From the facades of buildings he drew to the murals he painted while living in Switzerland, and from the world of IT where he spent many years designing systems, developing communications strategies and bringing computer aided design, particularly 3D, together with a bundle of fun design projects, to the shores of the French Riviera where he did a lot of tapestry work in his own style, one thing is certain, Mike is not an artist stuck at a point in time. And now that he is settled in Nice, he can once more generate work that is meaningful to him, from inside him, and show the world who he really is.

And Mike is in good company. Other local greats, Jeffrey Hessing and Michel Anthony, have also been invited by curator Gabrielle HB-Abada to share some of their creations and now, thanks to the many events regularly organized there, everybody has a chance to admire their unique vision in a beautiful setting that is all about showcasing incredible artists!

More artwork by Mike Colquhoun

Domaine des artistes in Antibes

All photos © Mike Colquhoun



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