What better way to meet new people and expand your personal networks than COlunching, a refreshing and thoroughly French concept.

In this day and age, when so many of us work from home, or are just hard pressed to do anything but munch on a crappy sandwich while sitting at our desks at work, we tend to miss out on the joys of a convivial gathering over lunch.

Parisienne Sonia Zannad, by virtue of her profession as a freelancer, usually ended up eating lunch by herself. She came up with the idea of gathering other professionals, in similar situations, to meet over lunch.

What started off as a Facebook page back in 2010 quickly gained momentum, and soon caught the eye of entrepreneur, Fredéric de Bourguet, who saw the potential and decided to develop the project. And so COlunching was born.


The popularity of such a network may seem at odds with a world where virtual friendships and interactions are the norm, but in truth, people really do like to get together, break bread, and network.

And with these lunches, the potential for creating new personal or business contacts is almost limitless, as there are always new faces at the numerous events. 

COlunching quotes from the founders

COlunching has spread from Paris and is now prevalent throughout France, and even has a strong international presence, being found in countries like the UK, Ireland, Spain, Russia, the US and Australia.

Check out their website for your nearest COlunch on the Côte d’Azur — you never know who you might meet there!


Lead image credit: andreykuzmin / 123RF Stock Photo


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