Meet Daria Jabenko, a super-talented illustrator, who will be taking over the French Riviera very soon – remember, you read about her here first!

What is to like about the ravishing, blonde, feminine, young Russo-Candian, multi-facted, multi-talented, intelligent, amiable, accessible illustrator Daria Jabenko? Yes, me too, am having a hard time coming up with a reason – a reason not to like her, therein lies a toughie!!  

I speak of course as someone who knows her and, being totally open, representing her ‘Illustrate Your Success‘ business as Atelier Mike down here on the Riviera.  I would not be representing her if I didn’t feel she has got that ‘je ne sais pas quoi’, as we used to say in London – there must be a French expression too.  

Citrus Dream by DariaJabenko

Secret Garden by Daria Jabenko

Her drawings speak for themselves. Superbly feminine images capturing moments from a dream, from a fantasy, using lines that are so stylish they make you go ‘wow’ – has that effect on me. The elegance of the drawings, the form, the characterisations all work so well with her fantastic eye for colours, colours that work together in harmony.

Ok, she isn’t the starving artist Bohemian type. Yes, she has her head firmly attached, face facing the right way with an incisive view of business – first hand experience let me tell you. This has enabled her to work for the biggest names in magazine and stores throughout the world.  

Polo Hats by Daria Jabenko

Lovers by Daria Jabenko

It is all about knowing what you can do well, delivering quality results, then getting people to call you. The latter happens all the time to Daria, one things she is is in demand, not just as a talented individual, but as a truly lovely person.

Come on, you say, people are not like that!  Oh yes they are, Daria is absolute proof.

Polo Romance by Daria Jabenko

On 21st September we have a showing of some illustrations in a tent at the polo. Come see, meet Daria – be warned that you may fall in love with her illustrations, certainly her.

Lead image © Mike Colquhoun; all illustrations courtesy and © Daria Jabenko


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