The Italian-Parisian singer kicks off 2016 with a great present to his fans when releasing the popular hit song from his Lostland album.

Imagine this: You are a singer from Naples, invited to perform in New York, the Holy Grail of All Things Music. You find yourself waking up in your hotel room in the Big Apple the morning of your show, and you realize you lost your voice….. Panic sets in, what do you do?

But that terrifying scenario, fortunately, is happening only in Mauro Gioia’s nightmare…. and retold in his video “A Shake of Love”, which has just been released as a single.

Mauro Gioia Lostland
A Shake of Love is a story inside a story – that of Mauro’s road movie Lostland which is loosely based on his own journey to Brooklyn, NY in 2012, digging for a mystical relative who had immigrated to the USA from Italy a century earlier, and who everyone in the family was talking about but no one had ever heard of again. While he didn’t find his phantasmagorical ancestor, Mauro wound up meeting a whole community of fellow musicians, all of them descendants of Italian immigrant families. The musical and personal spark soon jumped over and they started collaborating. Lostland has since successfully been performed across Europe, and A Shake of Love, the song that has established itself as the secret hit of this musical story, has just been released in early January as a single.

Milan-born, Naples-raised, Paris-based, and Amerophile, Mauro Gioia is the quintessential world citizen… an artist who thrives on contrasts and relentlessly pursues perfection. He learned his musical trade from the inside out, starting out as a stage designer, and it still shows in the way he presents his shows as music theater rather than just concerts. Equally interested in Neapolitan folk music and in opera, in Nino Rota’s film music and in cabaret, his huge voice can fill an auditorium of 1,200 without a microphone. His musical style is as original and versatile as his artistic interests, and he connects continents by tapping into shared human experiences regardless of language and cultures. Small wonder therefor that immense international performers of the caliber of Ute Lemper, Maria de Medeiros or Catherine Ringer, all love working with him, and he has been a welcome sight on stages from Paris to Buenos Aires and Sydney for the past 20 years.

It’s the turn of Naples and Rome now to host Mauro and his Italian-American friends Jim Boggia, Mark Plati, Lisa Germano, and Sal Minale as they present Lostland in its Italian premiere in Mauro’s hometown of Naples at the Ridotto del Mercadante Theatre (6th and 7th January, and again 9th and 10th) and at the Teatro Studio Borgna in Rome on 8th January.

Or, if you’re not fortunate enough to find yourself in Italy right now, you have your chance to watch A Shake of Love here:

And of course do keep an eye on your local listings as chances are good that Mauro Gioia will soon bring one of his many projects to a theatre near you.


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