The Queen Bee boutique located in Beausoleil offers high end fashions and much sought-after labels for surprisingly affordable prices.

As a guy, it is sometimes difficult to understand why women need so, that is capital SO, many clothes. Having said that the results of having so many clothes is continually dazzling. Then there is the question of how you get hold of stuff that costs a bomb, in guy terms, for a good price, in female terms – for example, a designer dress which is really desirable that was €7,000 now a measly €1,600 – ok, professor, how?

One answer is The Queen Bee in Beausoleil – well actually the entrance is in Monte-Carlo although the space is in Beausoleil. It is a extremely cute upmarket boutique-style dépot vente. Therein lies the clue. These clothes may only have been worn once, some cases not at all, having been adored by their purchaser in the first place. In other words someone has taken the plunge, splurged on some extremely high end labels.

Queen Bee Boutique in Beausoleil

Check out the Queen Bee Boutique in Beausoleil

Check out the Queen Bee in Beausoleil

To test this concept out, I asked the delightful comedienne and creator of the Comedy Code, Adina Rusu, and her delightful friend to come along as guinea pigs – curiously they took no persuading. Within the space of a couple of hours with the assistance of Katie Holmes, the owner, they managed to put together six separate and different outfits entirely from the racks in the shop – my experience tells me that doing one outfit in two hours is a huge accomplishment normally! It was a fun experience too.

The delightful and exhaustingly energetic Katie Holmes has created the shop to offer a cool easy style of shopping experience. Katie is in fact a wardrobe arranger and stylist with a wonderful eye for style and chic. She is able to create a sophisticated fashionable look at the drop of a hat, she has hats too which she does not drop. In addition, to make it a social experience, she holds regular events in her shop to allow people to mix and mingle, which Is a really nice concept.

Quality fashions at the Queen Bee Boutique in Beausoleil

Home of Style at Queen Bee Boutique in Beausoleil

The Queen Bee
Palais Gallia
Place de la Crémaillère
06240 Beausoleil

Tel: 04 93 83 53 68 

All photos © Mike Colquhoun





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