A new mobile phone app launched recently in France allows the general public to alert the local authorities to racist and offensive graffiti.

LICRA (the French based International League Against Racism and Anti–Semitism) has recently launched a mobile phone application which permits the general public to report racist or anti-semitic tags to the local authorities, for their subsequent removal.

This application is a novel way of combatting racism and other forms of unacceptable behaviour. Users take a geo-localised photograph of the offensive graffiti or other material, and submit it to the authorities via the app. 

Screenshots from new LICRA anti-racist app

You can’t fight racism and anti-Semitism in the 21st century as we did in the past,” LICRA President Alain Jakubowicz said. The number of reported racist and anti-Semitic incidents increased by 21% in France last year alone. This app will go in some way to making the ordinary citizen take action, and reducing these horrifying statistics.

The application is free to download from the App Store or the Google Play store.


Lead image credit: warrengoldswain / 123RF Stock Photo


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