On Thursday May 24, enter the enchanting world of SOLI Chamber Ensemble in a special one-time concert in the village of Baiardo (10 km north of Sanremo).

Taking place within the walls of the ruined church of San Nicolò with stunning views of sea and Alps, the concert will be an intimate sensory experience that marries sound, scenery, the past and today.

SOLI Chamber Ensemble is one of the most acclaimed musical groups committed to contemporary classical music in the United States, and has been selected as the 2018 Ensemble-in-Residence at the prestigious Alba Music Festival that begins on May 26. The ensemble has been at the forefront of commissioning new works by established and emerging composers and on May 24 will perform a selection of those works along with iconic pieces of contemporary chamber music.

Ospedaletti resident Carina Gors is a longtime supporter of SOLI and the organizer of the concert. She explains, “The first time I visited the ruined church in Baiardo, the energy of the setting was unmistakable—it’s been spiritually and strategically significant for thousands of years. When I learned that SOLI was coming to Italy, I immediately thought how magical it would be to experience their musical artistry in a place of living history and magnificent scenery. It’s been my pleasure to work with community leaders in Baiardo to bring this idea to fruition and I hope music lovers from across the Riviera will extend a warm welcome to SOLI.”

The concert will cap a day focused on the arts and the history of Baiardo. From 10am until 8:30pm, works by more than 20 local artists will be exhibited at San Nicolò. At 4pm and 5pm, guided tours of Baiardo will be offered in Italian and English, respectively. The concert will begin at 6:30pm and at 7:30pm, Bajardo ProLoco will offer a complimentary refreshment. All events, including the concert, are free. More details are available on the Facebook page Concert in Baiardo.

Baiardo - photo by A.C. Barletta

Round-trip transportation is available from Sanremo to Baiardo. A chartered bus will leave the old station in Sanremo at 4:30pm and depart from Baiardo at 10pm to return to Sanremo, leaving ample time for concertgoers to enjoy dinner in Baiardo. Round-trip fare is €12, to be paid in cash at pickup. To confirm a spot on the bus, please do so by email , or send a message via Facebook Messenger.

For more information, please contact Carina Gors at +39.391.4089448.

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Lead image courtesy SOLI Chamber Ensemble; photo of Baiardo by A.C. Barletta

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